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What is special about Maury's Tea Bag?

Maury's innovative tea bag contains both premium, whole leaf tea as well as the perfect amount of granulated honey to create a robust cup of lightly sweetened tea with the same taste as if you added liquid honey - but without all of the mess!

The first thing you notice about Maury's tea bag is that, beside dark tea leaves, it contains a light powder - the granulated honey.  When you brew a cup, the bag initially sinks as this honey absorbs water.  Eventually, it will completely dissolve.  At the same time, the whole leaf tea begins to expand as it steeps.  If you haven't brewed whole leaf tea before, you might be surprised at how robustly the bag will swell as the tea leaves expand to release their flavor.  This expansion causes the tea bag to start to float as the weight of the moist honey dissolves into the cup.  This unique sinking and floating action of the tea bag actually stirs the tea as it is brewing, making for a thoroughly smooth and robust cup.